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Bishop Arthur L. Adams Sr.

 Bishop Arthur L. Adams Sr. is a significant voice in the Apostolic community. His diligent, expository “Son of God” teaching is based on the original passages that we find in the King James Version Bible. His innovative Knowledge of the gifts of the spirit is impeccable. Through the teachings of this man of God, many have experienced powerful moves of the Holy Spirit, Healings, Prophesies, as well as revelation of dream interpretations. He is no stranger to the power of the true and Living God.



Bishop was born on April 16, 1951 in Jacksonville, FL to his father Arie Adams and mother Elnora Cameron. He was reared in the small town of Baldwin, FL. There he attended grade school. Around the age of six he was diagnosed with congenital cataracts which over time has caused him to lose his sight despite this challenge he graduated from high school and moved to Detroit, MI to further his education. He attended Highland Park College where he met his wife Evangelist Cynthia A. Adams. She was the instrument that led him to the knowledge of the Apostolic Faith. Not shortly after their meeting Arthur received the Holy Spirit, they married March 31, 1973. He later received the Baptism in Jesus name.



Adams has not taken his calling into the Kingdom of God lightly. Despite his vision perishing at an uncontrollable speed he sought early on to educate himself in the scriptures. In MI he attended the Hadley School for the blind for 10 years. There he became certified in New Testament Survey, Your Bible, Old Testament Law and History, as well as Old Testament Poetry and Prophesy. He maintained a 4.0 grade point average, in which he thanks his wife Cynthia who encouraged him to keep pressing on.



Unbeknownst to him the plans of God was great upon Bishop Adams life, he was called in the ministry in his early teen years. He began as a Teen Sunday School Teacher, through the years he progressed in the ministry in several areas such as Choir Member, Worship Leader, Adult Bible Class teacher, and Young Peoples Youth Chairman. By this time Bishop Adams began to understand the plan of God for his life. Around 1975 he became a licensed minister, he was ordained Elder and in 1990 he accepted his Pastoral calling. Through his ministry he has been instrumental in training, coaching, and mentoring several pastors with churches in the city of Jacksonville, FL and surrounding cities and states. After much hard work and dedication to the people of God he began to walk in the Bishopric realm. A holy convocation service was held at his church where he was ordained Bishop in the year 2000, by his overseer the late Bishop Eugene Thompkins of Apostolic Way Church of God.



Today Bishop Adams & Wife has been seen by millions as featured guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network they currently resides in Jacksonville. He has 8 living children with his wife of 37 years. He also has 37 grandchildren along with 2 great grandchildren, not to mention the hundreds of sons and daughters he has gained through teaching the gospel. He continues to serve the community as a certified marriage counselor and as the Bishop of Community Revival Center Apostolic Church Inc.; He continues to spread the gospel over the airways of radio on WCGL 1360 since 1994. He is the founder of a non-profit organization which is scheduled to open late spring 2011. The center will be called CRC Educational Resources Inc. which will provide the following services to the community: Summer Camp, Teen Work Program, Food Pantry, Computer –Reading Lab, Tutoring and a Work Readiness Program. Bishop Adams is committed to the call of God and lives by every principal of God and his son Jesus Christ with the promise of eternal life. His motto is, “Whatever Right Is Do It”.

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Whom God Has Sent Jesus

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Pastor, Teacher and Apostolic Voice releases his first titleWhom God Has Sent. 

JACKSONVILLE, FL (January, 2018) -  Christians, Bible Students and truth seekers will find this Book a suitable companion as they researchscripture concerning Jesus.

Based on the 2017 Pew Research, "Christians remain the largest religious group in the world, making up nearly a third (31%) of Earth's 7.3 billion population." Though there arebillions of believers around the globe who identify as Christian, many still seek practical application and expository of scripture.

With network programming like TBN, The 700 Club, The Word Network, and access to global ministries, it's proof that believers are actively looking for ways to strengthentheir faith and deepen their understanding.

Whom God Has Sent is written by Dr. Arthur L. Adams, Sr., who after losing his natural vision and decades of study, was determined to share the revelation of Jesus Christ. He guides readers through both Old and New Testaments, linking scripture in a way that makes scripture easy to digest.

Dr. Arthur L. Adams, Sr., takes a practical approachas he uncovers biblical truths and tackles controversial topics. Whom God Has Sent is a bible companion of sorts, meant to enhance the study of Christ, sure to grip the hearts of those yearning to know the Son of God.

Dr. Arthur L. Adams, Sr. currently serves as Senior Pastor of Community Revival Center Apostolic Church, Inc in Jacksonville, Florida and is known as an Apostolic voice for those seeking truth in the Word of God, and the explicit truth about the man, Christ Jesus.


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